Who We Are

Caissa K12 is the nation's number one leader in traditional public school training and student recruitment. 

We work exclusively for public schools...

Millions of families each year leave public school districts for charter, private and homeschools, slashing public school resources to grow. Caissa K12 knows that public schools are the best options for educating students and wants to help your district compete. 

Through interactive training, we aim to help public school professionals lead districts to more students, build stronger reputations, boost staff morale and create teams who can face education's challenges today and in the future.

We have served public school districts across the country for years through proactive student recruitment, secret shopping, communications strategy and professional development. Our signature training uses proven methodology and exciting, unconventional tactics that convert learning into real-world execution. Our success has inspired us to create virtual on-demand training that makes what we know more accessible to you.
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Interactive. | Gameology. | Roleplay.

Our training is driven by offering front line staff, principals and communications departments the keys to great family service. Our courses ensure your team has the tools to leverage powerful relationships, build team morale, decrease turnover and boost confidence in handling stressful disruptions that get in the way of your goal: to give students the best education possible.

Meet our team members

Our team is committed to our values of inclusivity, collaboration and continuous learning. We believe that diversity of thought and background leads to better ideas, and we seek out colleagues with varied experiences and perspectives.

At Caissa K12, we recruit students to your school or district by running strategic campaigns with a clear pricing model that provides you with a guaranteed return on investment.

At the first sign of an outflow of students, we identify the catalysts for stalling or declining numbers, build effective outreach to students and the community, and implement a long-term plan to sustain enrollment numbers.

Knowing where you are is the best way to make strategic decisions about improvements in the future. 
The information our secret shoppers will provide to your district will give you an unbiased view of your district with clear ways to improve.  

Learn the best communication principles, strategies, and initiatives to further your district’s goals, mission, or values.

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