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High-energy, interactive training using gameology strategies to prepare public school professionals for real-world challenges.


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Why CaissaK12 Institute?

We specialize in the tailored needs of public school districts and their students. This expertise allows us to focus on what matters most related to growing your student body, developing your team, and creating and maintaining a collaborative workforce culture. 

For more than 10 years, we have provided customized, action-packed training courses to public schools across the country. At CaissaK12, we understand that you’re busy. We want to make our insight available to your team on-demand, so you can start building your student population and positive reputation today.
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Currently serving thousands across the country through interactive training

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CaissaK12 Institute Methodology

Success strategies from the nation’s number one leader in student recruitment
Public School-Exclusive
Lessons tailored to the unique needs of traditional public school districts we serve across the country
Interactive courses with engagement and impact in mind to maximize recall and application

Why You Should NOT Choose Us:

If you want fast and easy learning, we aren't for you! Our goal is to go beyond just getting credit for attending. We want work to create change and improve. In short, it's not easy, it's not simple, it takes work!

If you are looking for the cheapest option, we aren't it. We design training just for public schools and believe in the added value of follow-up sessions combined with gameology and tests to ensure the lessons are used in real life. 

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Prepare your team for anything!

Our team works exclusively for PUBLIC SCHOOLS and provides a variety of services that vary from training and secret shopping to actually recruiting and retaining students. We specialize in the tailored needs of public school districts and their students. This expertise allows us to focus on what matters most related to growing your student body, in addition to creating and maintaining a collaborative workforce culture.

Our team trains on communications and leadership styles that help your bottom line. Our years of experience in the world of education and strategy have produced critical insights and best practices on the skills necessary to better the performance of your team.

Frequently asked questions

How do I start?

Click Enroll in a course; submit payment; get enrolled into the course

How do I pay for the course?

You may use a PayPal account to pay for a course.

How many courses do you offer, and what do they cover?

We currently offer four courses in our beta testing series, covering major topics in communications strategy for public schools, but our curriculum is growing!

For what job roles are these courses designed?

We offer courses designed exclusively for public school staff including, teachers, office personnel and administrators at school and district levels.

Is a verified course completion certificate provided?


How do we know we will get what we pay for and that you are trustworthy?

CaissaK12 is the nation's number one leader in student recruitment. Our extensive experience creating communications campaigns for districts across the country has been distilled into high-impact, high-energy professional development training we've shared with more than 1,000 public school professionals. Evidence-based and results-driven, our expert insight is our gift to grow your school.

Do I need to complete a course within a certain timeframe or restart if I stop midway?

No! Once you are enrolled the course is yours to complete at your own pace.

What is continuing professional development (CPD)?

It refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that you gain both formally and informally as you work, beyond any initial training.

Does your training have any virtual accessibility features?

Yes, our videos are captioned.

What resources are required to run the online courses?

A computer and internet connection is all you need!

Do I have to complete the course on one platform?

No, life happens and your course will be here when you’re ready to come back and finish.

My company likes what we see. Are you able to offer a company pricing? And can you brand a course for us?

Yes, contact us directly at 901-522-1030 to get a customized quote.

We need some online training for a specific task. Are you able to help?

Yes, contact us directly at 901-522-1030 to get a customized quote.

Who do I contact for technical help?

Email Jackson at

Is there an in-person option for CaissaK12 professional development?

Yes! Check out more of our Professional Development Training here.